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Though generaly female, not always the case.

Kindergoths are anyone, usually younger than 16, who listen to music which isn't gothic, when asked don't really know much about gothic subculture, and are pretty much unaware of the post modern gothic movement or the romantic gothic movement as a whole. Yet a kindergoth will *always* claim to be "gothic" or "goth".

This is really the biggest difference betwene what gothic elitists may see as a kindergoth, and what the rest of us non-übergoths see as a kindergoth. A kindergoth to most people is simply someone who calls themselves gothic, but doesn't know anything about the subculture, in particular nothing about the music.
Jen? She listens to slipknot. I dunno man, seems to me it should take more than dressing the part.
by zoey April 11, 2004
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Any teenager that adopts the gothic lifestyle just to fit in with or impress their peers; someone that dresses like the Crow, even with a sence of irony.
Dress in all black because they *gotta be goth*
Paint their fingernails black because they *gotta be goth*
Wear fake blood because they *gotta be goth*
Listen to SpoOoOoOkY music because they *gotta be goth*
Writes stupid, depressing poetry because they just *gotta gotta GOTTA be goth*
by Wulfen May 19, 2006
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Contrary to popular belief Kindergoth has nothing to do with age. Kindergoth is sub-fashion of the Kinderwhore grunge fashion. Kinderwhore was a fashion originally created by Courtney Love(the late Kurt Cobains wife) back in the grunge era. Kinderwhore fashion consisted of torn, ripped tight or low-cut babydoll and peter pan collared dresses, slips, heavy makeup with dark eyeliner, barrettes, and leather boots or MaryJane shoes. Kindergoth is Kinderwhore with a gothic color scheme.
Goth: My preferred asthetic is Kindergoth
Person: Kindergoth? What's that?
Goth: Basically Courtney Love in the 90's only darker.
by SquirrelQueen May 12, 2017
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A Goth Girl who is under age 14. Not a label for a brain-dead follow-my-leader girl - a kindergoth does the whole Goth thing with a touch of irony yet listens to Wagner and reads Gormenghast too.

(Minor alternative use: name used by some immature 'mature' goths to deride young 'new goths'. Kindergoth is used by them as an equivalent to 'newbie' or 'plastic punk').

See also: babygoth, baby-bats, kinderwhore, pixie.
"Gloom County's resident kindergoth reads a lot of Sandman."
by Nupe January 06, 2004
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Little wannabe 'goth' kids, who are clearly too unintelligent to know that goth hasn't been cool since the early 1900's. They often claim to 'shit bats' and buy packages of balloons, but pick out only the black ones and throw away the rest. Baby goths. Ha, what a joke.
Ashley Todd, "I R SEW GAWTH!" This would be a prime example of the word, 'kindergoth'
by Daryl Kiera March 23, 2007
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