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Stands for "kik is not a typo".

Used by passionate supporters of kik (synonym of lol) who believe kik has an important meaning and is not just a typing error.
A: hey man i saw this guy today in RL and he came in the cafe and shouted "APOCALYPSE!" over and over again and they had to call the police to get him out it was crazy he was lunatic kik.
B: lol thats insane i didn't know that shit actually happens except in games like WoW
A: kik yeah
B: lol man you keep saying kik by accident it's like a typo you keep making.
A: What did you just say?
B: I was just saying you saying kik instead of lol like probably cos they are next to each other on the keyboard.
B: nevermind man its just a little mistake you keep making
B: its lol not kik
B: i mean lol calm down
A: kinat
B: wtf?
A: kinat. KINAT!!
B: dude you caught something off that lunatic
A: no you rem, kinat means "kik is not a typo", and its not, it has a meaning.
B: whats it mean then?
A: no-one knows, only dentist_boy and his associates.
B: um ok lol
B: kik*
by fireplace_joe May 07, 2006
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