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Military slang term for the way that 90% of the people of Asia sit. To properly execute the kimchi squat you must be able to touch your buttocks to your Achilles’ tendons while simultaneously keeping your feet firmly planted flat on the ground.

Most Asians can hold this position for hours while waiting on a bus, smoking a cigarette, shooting the shit, or just taking one.

Fewer than 5% of the population of the USA can execute this modified sitting position.
"Jones has gone so native; he was spotted on the street corner in the kimchi squat eating boiled fish paste on a stick."

"I thought that old lady was trying to give me head on the bus yesterday when she did the kimchi squat right in front of me"
by Trav June 30, 2005
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1. Similar to the asian squat but kimchi refers to Koreans because in most cases, Koreans are the only people who can pull it off comfortably and naturally. At times a Chinese or other asian might be able to do it, but never has one seen a black or Mexican do it like Koreans. They have their own squats.
2. What happens when you give a Korean a cigg and make them wait with no chairs or see Koreans loitering
"Get up out of your kimchi squat foo we gotta go!"
by T1GEREYEZ July 05, 2005
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