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Performed by asian male fobs. The characteristics of this squat include buttock to ankle contact and knees spread apart way past shoulder width. Most commonly in the asian squat, one hand is used to smoke a cigarette while the other hand is used to hold back long bleached blonde hair that is covering the face. Asian males are often observed exhibiting this behavior in groups, either playing a game of deuces or in front of a crappy rice rocket.
The asian squat is a typical asian fob behavior.
by The City April 11, 2004
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A squat position that is common practice amongst Asians. The form is generally a full deep squat with legs shoulder width apart, feet flat on the surface, and weight distributed to the heels. Footwear that have a slight heel makes the squat much easier to hold. This form is generally seen while smoking, casually conversing, eating, observing, resting, or use of the bathroom. In many parts of Asia, the toilets require the user to squat in this form. It recently gained attention because research concluded many Westerners have bowel movement issues from the adaption of using toilets and lost the form and ability to align the bowels straight for ease of bowel movements.
Guy 1 : Look at that rich Asian guy squatting in his suit and Rolex!

Guy 2 : That’s the Asian Squat. He probably knows what it’s like growing up poor.

Guy 1 : Asians have strange methods...
by G-Dogger G July 13, 2018
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