One cool ass nigga that destroys pussy like his namesake destroys homes.
Damn, there goes Kilauea stealin' my girl again.
by Ray Terrius October 29, 2014
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An asshole that erupts with fiery, explosive, liquid shits. Rectal lava, if you will. Capable of destroying one’s bunghole and every toilet encountered.
Those wings were a mistake. I’ve had Kilauea Ass all day.

This flu is the worst. My bunghole looks like raw hamburger thanks to Kilauea Ass.
by Eaton Holgoode May 26, 2018
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kilauea is a tall boy with dark brown hair and dark eyes with long eyelashes that accentuates them. he has a very goofy personality and try’s his best to look at things glass half full. He try’s to act all tough and pimp on the outside. but once you really get to know him you’ll see he is a soft lover boy. he is most definitely the handsomest boy to ever walk the earth and all the girls wish he was theirs.
omg i love kilauea
by 1111ydk December 7, 2022
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