someone who makes jokes
you are such a kidder, you make me laugh hysterically!
by michelle gomez April 23, 2003
someone who lies to themself, especially about popularity or intelligence
that dude is such a kidder
by stu beans May 1, 2005
Another word for kids. Can be used to describe those who are actual kids and those who are not.
"Come on kidders!"
"Let's go kidders!"
by imrightok July 22, 2019
a sex educator, author, and podcaster from the insanely popular podcast, Sex is Fun. He's known for blending a snarky sense of humor with a passionate desire to teach the world to be unafraid to enjoy sex, safely and responsibly. His first book, "Sex is Fun" published by Penguin/Avery is a fully illustrated sex manual formatted like graphic novel and represents all sexual orientations regardless of where the reader falls on the Kinsey Scale.

Though much has been speculated about the origin of his name, he set the record straight by admitting that he originally got the name after being struck in the head by a Kidder-brand waterski leading him to require several stitches above his right eye.
Kidder Kaper is a different kind of sex educator.
Nobody hates tattoos as much as Kidder Kaper.
Straight men like butt play too, just ask Kidder Kaper.
by VioletPurple August 3, 2010
What happens when someone make a statement that they later realize is wrong, and cover up by saying: "I was just kidding," or "joking!" or just "kidding!"
by Rekna June 29, 2011
Someone that is so gifted and has the most beautiful heart, if you meet a person like that, please make sure you give him/her the world.
She has amazing sense of humor! A kidder at heart.
by Jasz_slyn June 26, 2022