1)the noun of kiasu.

2)the competitive mindset/philosophy that it is ones major loss to miss out on good deals(e.g. Great Singapore Sale) or trends that are already happening in society(esp. Singapore)

3)The calculating obsession that inflicts people who believe that they must get their money/time/effort worth(the greater the returns the better!!)
2a)Singaporean parents are the living definitions of Kiasuism; many sign their kids up for enrichment classes even before they turn 5!!

2b)Auntie 1: I bought only an item during the Great Singapore Sale! Sigh...i should have bought more, now the good stuff are all snapped up!
Friend: Ya you should have! You were an idiot for letting your rival singaporeans save money on discounted items!
Auntie 1: Come to think of it, I saved more than them by not spending as much as them!

3)Girl 1: You are so hardworking! Staying in school after lessons and coming back during the weekends!
Girl 2: Of course!! Why did you think I pay more than $1K for my polytechnic school fees for? Must exploit their electricity and read all their books before i graduate!!
Girl 1: (feels guilty)...typical singaporean...
by ocdsufferer July 2, 2006
act of kiasu where one is afraid of losing out to others.
kiasuism is common is singapore.
by May July 21, 2004