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Khafifah is most likely to be very sensitive, and is VERY pretty, it's most likely hard not to find a Khafifah attractive,

A khafifah is very truthful and can hide her true feelings well, when you get to know a khafifah you just can't forget her, and a khafifah can't forget you that easily,

Khafifah is the person you want to turn to when you are looking for advice she may not look like it but she is the most opened minded person you may ever meet so If you are in trouble and need advice go to a khafifah,

Khafifah may look serious but she is most likely the cutest and nicest, tall person you may ever meet, she can be annoying and excited for almost nothing,

When you get to know a khafifah she is very caring,

Khafifah may not know what She wants me be but when she knows what she wants for herself she is determined to get/do it,
"She is a khafifah
by That marvel April 22, 2018
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khafifah in arabic means cute, nimble, lovable, agile = a blessing shes actually very independent so don't expect her to cling to you, but of course she has her faves
'man khafifah is such a blessing'
by tatatatatat11111 July 03, 2018
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