a rude word used by turkish roadmen
used to describe girls who are superficial and rude bitches
commonly used by boys in the region of kervansaray
god that girl is so kezban
*girl says something rude* LEAVE US ALONE YOU'RE KEZBAN!
by baddestmanonchapta June 15, 2017
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The Turkish word for "ratchet" or "chav", used for females and defines an ignorant, conceited person. However, it is quickly becoming the word fuckboys, MRAs and fedora wearing guys who cry about being friendzoned use about any female that doesn't respond to their advances.
I can't believe she rejected me. Oh well, she was a kezban anyway.
by Profound Bond June 02, 2015
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The Turkish adjective that used for females to insult. Us Turkish people use it way too often so don't take it too seriously.
by fanofapplehead June 17, 2015
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It means "I am very beautiful" in Turkish. You can use when you see a girl who is very beautiful .
Ben kezbanım. (I am very beautiful.)
by nikoltesla June 02, 2016
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