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The movement that started to become noticed under Kewin at RU. Kewinism is a state of mind similar to that of dead-heads, so basically followers of Kewinism are New-age dead-heads who are at one with themselves. They also promote peace, going into trances and leaving their bodies, psychedelics, hallucinogens, and collaborating with the major religions of the world. Rituals are held twice a week in forms of bible study and soup lunches. New recruits are often friends and associates of its members. The head figure of this cult is Kewin who was taught about Kewinism by his mentor, Mich. However, Kewin was the one who brought Kewinism out into mainstream college life, thereby reaching thousands with the message of Mich. The message is "being one with the universe and reaching the status of light beings who transcend this dimension."
Person#1: Hey brother are you going to bible study?

Person#2: Yeah after I get a little high. I need to open my mind to kewinism.

Person#1: Yeah, right on brother, I think I will join you.
by Inspecta Dec August 03, 2010
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