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Typically a person with an exceptionally large Penis and powerful sex drive. Kewins hold 16 World Records for the largest penis, and are well known to average in the vicinity of 7-28 inches. Typically blonde haired with blue eyes, they generally also have a talent for music and a passion for Film and Television. Kewins are the kind of dickwad douchebag that will fuck your brains out your ass all night and then drug you and ditch you in a dried up creek, and when you wake up three days later your not even mad because your that happy. Usually wanted by guys and girls alike, for their amazing personality.
Guy 1: I got fucked by Kewin last night
Guy 2: FUCK you lucky cunt, I hear he has a huge personality
Guy 1: yea it's like 16 inches
by Fapfart March 12, 2014
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