this is a clas of SCP's. "Keter" is assigned to subjects that both display vigorous, active hostility to human life, civilization, and/or spacetime, and are capable of causing significant destruction in the event of a containment breach. Such subjects must be cataloged, contained according to special containment procedures, and destroyed, if possible.

Merely being inimical to human life is not in itself cause for classification as a Keter-level object. A Keter classification indicates that not only is this subject capable of inflicting devastating harm to human life and civilization, but that containment protocols must be extensive, involved, and precisely followed in order to prevent it from doing so. Research into the neutralization of Keter-class SCPs is always a top priority for the Foundation.

Cases where Keter-class objects that can be neutralized by Foundation personnel persist in Foundation custody are rare, and are grouped into three main categories. In addition to cases where destruction of the object continues to be unfeasible due to apparent invulnerability or similar circumstance, there are some Keter-class objects with significant tactical value for the Foundation, as well as Keter-class objects that threaten more harm to humanity from their neutralization than from their continued existence.
d-class personel 1 : "whats the type of scp we are going to"
d-class personel 2: "i think i heard keter"
d-class personel1: "fuck"
by NOT king dr. Bright February 21, 2019
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The process of shoving a can of green beans 13.5 inches down your asshole.
by Fuck wit em January 29, 2018
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a class for SCPs, contrary to popular belief, a SCP being Keter dose not mean it is extremely destructive, it means it is hard/impossible to contain

EX: cat who randomly switches places with another cat anywhere on earth would be considered Keter and a button that can destroy the entire universe when it's pressed would not be keter.
"man where so good at escaping prisons we should be classified as keter"
by guy47 September 20, 2020
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A magnificent ship created by the gods for the gods.

Peter strongly loves Kaitlyn, and will do anything to defend his never dying love for her.

A contraction of the two names Kaitlyn and Peter.
by foreskin gamer February 12, 2019
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