She is very funny, and amazing friend, she dosent like being single but that’s cool because she is a very amazing person! If you want to be friends with her don’t be dumb! She is very easy to get along with until you do something dumb.
Kamiya is looking GREAT today!
by Your friend Jehdh November 27, 2018
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the most beautiful girl in the entire universe . beautiful nice funny shyish caring and just flat out amazing.
<3 <3 <3 <3 kamiya E> E> E> E>
by THE JOSHINATOR February 12, 2010
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A sexc mf🥵
Damn did you see kamiya she a sexc mf
by This dick in your mouth May 16, 2020
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A funny, nice, caring, and amazing girl. She don’t care what nobody thinks and will try and be the best friend that she can. And she is smart and don’t need a man.
Kamiya is the best friend you could ask for
by Ressea November 5, 2019
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Tai Kamiya means Courage in the flesh. - If your name is Tai Kamiya, you know what it means to follow your heart! To set aside your fears and to do what you know deep down is right! Though there are times you may make poor decisions, you make a quick come back and you fix your errors accordingly! You are somebody people look to for leadership! And the perfect best friend!
by TrueName November 22, 2021
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