3 definitions by Corporal Eschebone

An evil entity that eats your children.

Oftentimes, it will go up to the roof of the house across the street, and just stand there, watching you...


If you try to kill it, it will regenerate and call more kelet to the roof of the house across the street. They will stare at you through the window with those evil eyes and that satanic smile... After a while, they will tear your door down and drag you into the infinite darkness... Not even blast doors can stop these purely evil creatures...

See also homophoipce and democrat.
*army of 10,000 kelet appears over the horizon*


*starts running like a madman*
by Corporal Eschebone February 13, 2004
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Basically, an anything-goes brawl where people try to kill each other. The victims of death normally find a way to come back to life, wether through regeneration, necromancy, etc.

Popular weapons used include the black hole, bat, gun, and tank.
* Gorveg puts scythe into Corporal Eschebone's back
* Corporal_Eschebone 's clone drives a tank over Gorveg
* Corporal_Eschebone 's clone launches a wordDGSM/word at Gorveg to insure he is not resurrected in this dimension
by Corporal Eschebone November 09, 2003
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A word that is commonly used only in the OCR forums, most likely intended to mean "homophobic."

"Homophoipce", possibly originated from the word "homophobic"; "homo-" being short for "homosexual", or one attracted to their own sex; and "-phobic" being the adjetive/suffix form of the word "phobia", either a greek or latin word for "fear of", as in "arachnophobia"; or fear of spiders.
"You are a homophoipce."
by Corporal Eschebone August 15, 2003
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