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Keith Kogane
A character from the Netflix series Voltron: Legendary Defender

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Totally Gay

Species: Human

Favorite Color: Red (duh)

Relationship Status: Single but is Oblivious to the Fact he has a Crush on Lance McClain (Aggressive Pining)

Family: Is an Orphan

Best Quote- "We had a bonding moment. I cradled you in my arms!" (To Lance)
Person #1- "Who is that guy that with the mullet?"

Person #2- "Oh that's Keith Kogane, he flies the blue lion and is totally in love with Lance."
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by FabQueen9000 January 15, 2017
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A fictional character from the Netflix series Voltron. He flies the black lion.
Gender: Male
Species: Half human half Galra
Family: Krolia who is a member of The Blade of Marmora
Sexuality: Presumed gay
Quote: β€œWe had a bonding moment! I cradled you in my arms!” Keith to Lance McClain in season one
Person one: Who’s that dude in red with the mullet?
Person two: Oh that’s Keith Kogane. He’s from that show Voltron and flies the black lion.
by Solangeloshipper December 20, 2018
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