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Lance McClain
A character from the animated Netflix series Voltron Legendary Defender.

Gender - male

Sexuality - bisexual or pansexual, he legitimately flirts with everyone.

Species - human

Favourite colour - Blue (obviously)

Relationship status - single but crushing on Keith (also obviously, I mean rivalry? more like violent pining.)

Fashion sense - actually pretty decent and he cares about his skin and would probably freak out if he got a pimple tbh.

Skills - making people laugh, pissing people off (especially Keith), being generally annoying.

Weird/dangerous habits - flirting with aliens, staring at Keith.

Family - has a large family and misses them a lot.

Best quote - "Shut your quiznak" note, directed at Keith and that's probably why he was so flustered he used the word wrong KLANCE CONFIRMED.
"Lance McClain, an extremely flirtatious and generally annoying defender of the universe."
by excessoffandoms October 06, 2016
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