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Keiichi Tsuchiya is known as the Drift King, or Dori Kin in Japanese. He started racing when he was young but since he did not have a very wealthy family he did not go to racing school like most other racers. Instead he practiced driving on his own time and experimented with the use of the E-Brake, or Side Brake. This taught him how to control the car in different situations. He soon began to drive his car as quickly as he could down touges, or mountain pass roads. He tested different ways of taking turns and eventually used the E-Brake to drift around the corners.

Though his technique was developing he still found himself off the side of the road in ditches and small drops in his KPGC10 Skyline, but he kept driving. During Winter in the snow he learned even greater control of the car. He raced people in official races, and even though he didn't really win, he kept racing and eventually got sponsored by ADVAN and drove the AE86 in which he won many races. He became the Drift King when he was racing on downhill races drifting through the turns which helped him carry better speeds than the other drivers. Most people believe that he became the Drift King because he was the first to drift, but that was not the case.

In 2001 he joined the team ARTA Racing and raced for them in an NSX.
"Dude, who's Keiichi Tsuchiya?"

"He's only the greatest drifter in the world! He..."
by Torque GTR June 21, 2006
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He is known as "drift king" for his drifting skill. He is able to do things with cars that no other driver can do, including drifting during JGTC races (Super GT now) which earned him quite a few wins. His home course is Usui, which he holds the record with in his NSX-R. Most famous for touge racing as he used an AE86 that he owned since he was a teenager. Unlike many morons believe, he started out E-breaking as all should but quickly learned to do more advanced techniques, such as feint drifting and breaking drift. He is by far the drift king. Now available to be watched on Options mag, or as a judge at D1GP. His touge racing got him in quite a bit of trouble during his pro racing career, as he recieved fines and numerous warnings to stop racing illegally, as it is a bad name for your teams driver to be an illegal street racer.
Keiichi Tsuchiya....damn hes amazing, look at that drift! Zero countersteer 4 wheel absurd.
by Infini June 30, 2006
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DK or Drift King of all time. He is known for drifting in Japan and is the greatest Drifter ever.
keiichi tsuchiya is the drift king of all rear wheel drive cars.
by thisisbs June 21, 2006
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