4 definitions by That_Toast_Swag

A party, which usually takes place in the woods on a large hill. It's a hell of a party, but at least one dumbass gets seriously injured.
Me: I wanna fuck this keg cause it's made of metal..

Sam: Did you just say that??

Me: People let me tell you bout my new best friend Barnaby Jones! -falls off the hill and gets fucked up-

Sam: It's official.. this is a backwoods keg party..
by That_Toast_Swag June 04, 2011
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Someone who could fuck up the simplest of requests.
Guy 1: I ask him to find my mail a letter and he forgets to put a damn stamp on it...

Guy 2: Wow, he could fuck up an anvil
by That_Toast_Swag June 05, 2011
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A sexual move where one partner sticks his/her finger in the other's ass and say's "You are correct, sir!"
Dude 1: Dude what was with Tina today?

Dude 2: I gave her an Ed McMahon last night, she's been acting weird ever since.
by That_Toast_Swag June 04, 2011
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