"fuck you" in the samoan language. used by samoans and other polynesians. usually used for jokes but can be taken seriously.
Person A: "Look is that your boyfriend?" *points at old man*
Person B: "Hahahaha kefe...."
by ashunz May 6, 2019
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meaning "i love you" in samoan. we polynesians love it when people say those things to us, it shoes that you are trying to understand our culture!!💞
person A: "hey, kefe!"
person B: "awwwww🥺"
by kefeusikaetae<3 November 22, 2021
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Kefe means coffee
Ask a poly if the want kefe, and they will love you forever.
Palangi: you want some kefe?
Poly: sure, I love kefe. Gummon let’s have a chat outside my friend..
Palangi: okay I’d love that moepe
by Liki my minge😘 January 31, 2021
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if some fucks with you.. like in traffic you say KEFE!
by 808snause September 27, 2003
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A Samoan cuss which translates to Fuck in the English term. It is often used by the Samoan society. People of different race and background seem to like the word and are saying it to simply please their Samoan friends.
Hey, wanna fight? Yeah walk away you Kefe!
by Lua11034 February 4, 2019
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Everyone loves him, he is a true friend and always makes people smile. He is good at almost everything and has a lot of talent. If you are sad he can make you smile, if you are crying he can make you laugh and if you ever fall he will always be there to pick you up.
Kefely is so awesome
by r5ol March 4, 2012
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