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"fuck you" in the samoan language. used by samoans and other polynesians. usually used for jokes but can be taken seriously.
Person A: "Look is that your boyfriend?" *points at old man*
Person B: "Hahahaha kefe...."
by xboohole May 06, 2019
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A Samoan cuss which translates to Fuck in the English term. It is often used by the Samoan society. People of different race and background seem to like the word and are saying it to simply please their Samoan friends.
Hey, wanna fight? Yeah walk away you Kefe!
by Lua11034 February 04, 2019
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This is the Samoan word that defines to have sexual intercourse with onself, preferably with a broomstick.
Offensive Samoan/non-Samoan: Eh, you so-o-o fricken ugly, wen you wazz bowan, da daktah wen slap yo maddah!

Defensive Samoan: Kefe!
by Khefin January 20, 2006
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