keeping it local, keeping it between good friends
adnan was like wassup slut check this out, and he jumped up on the stage
mask was doing his poi thing with the whips
wow, keeping it tight
yea hella sick
by notmyrealhandle June 19, 2015
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slang for don't be sloppy or loose, as in hair weave/hair do, your outfit works, keeping your body fit, neat and clean, making your whole image work and rocking it.
Guy A: What do you think of that girl?

Guy B: Man, she keep it tight, dog.
by DawnR. September 13, 2006
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A reference to a female to keep their butthole and pussy tight. Often said to loose women and hot bitches.
"Hey Mamacita keep it tight."

"I hope my ex girlfriend will keep it tight for me."
by SilentExcitment August 3, 2017
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Aiden: Yo dude I'm going now aight?

Jake: Yeah man. Keep tight.
by Prestorn December 1, 2016
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'Keep tight' basically means stay cool but in a much cooler form
"Bro keep tight, don't let her see you nervous"
by Chill out bro December 1, 2016
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When someone says something that’s true about you or anything or anyone one else so you tell them to “ keep it right “ basically just to inform them that it’s true and that they should “keep it tight “ like they should never for get it basically keep it tight in the head .
Ben: yoo your so funny

Me : yep, keep it right keep it tight
by Your BFF 22 May 17, 2021
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When your man adjusts his junk before he puts on the tighty whiteys. It’s sexy as hell. I’m a big fan.
What’re you doin’ there?

Ima keep this Shit tight for you babe.
by Ewayne October 12, 2017
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