when someone is finishing the convo with someone that they didn't want to have the convo with in the first place. when they are saying it on the outside kind of nice but not meant to be nice. they are getting the last word and it means that they don't want to talk about it anymore.
Kate: Hey so was Kyle really at your house?
Hanna: Yeahh why
Kate: Well...idk it just seemed like you were making up to make me jealous.
Hanna: kbye
by 1234567890jojo1234567890 June 25, 2010
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Well known name for a russian prostitute.
I bought a prostitute last night, pretty sure she was Russian, because her name was K'Bye
by Snipedog22 December 25, 2018
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When someone takes another persons saying and uses it way too often it bugs the fucking hell out of you and drives you bananas.
Bill: "hey wanna go out?"
Jenny: "haha Kbye"
by i am Alfred Hitchcock March 30, 2009
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started by shikhaaaa in 8th grade. said rudely to endd a conversation

kbye to you.
kbye to that.
by sheeeks June 07, 2009
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What people say when they are either trying to be rude or busy.
Don’t freak out if someone says β€œk bye”, usually it’s just because they are busy.
But if they are being rude, be rude back. *this is trending*
Me- β€œI’m glad you’re having a good day!”
Rude Person- β€œk bye”
Me-*cries in Spanish*
by TrendySis February 23, 2019
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