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A very beautiful girl who has a very kind heart! Love everyone but is very shy at first but once she warms up to you she will be your best friend. Love's to sing and dance around. Can be very hyper sometimes. She is a very lovable girl who loves to cuddle!
Kayonna is very sweet and loving!
by FAF87 January 13, 2017
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Kayonna is the hottest, funnest girl on the face of the planet. She's funny, smart, and adorable. Every guy wishes he had her, and every girl wishes they were her. Kayonna is very caring, loyal to her friends (unless you piss her off), makes everyone around her smile, and very nice when she wants to be. Pretty much the only downside; she thinks she's horrible. She doesn't believe you when you tell her she's pretty, and she's pretty self concious about herself. Kayonna needs a guy that will treat her right, a guy that will love her no matter what, a guy that will make her smile.
Girl 1, "OMG is that Kayonna? She is really hot! "
Girl 2, "You can say that again, I wish I was just like her!"
by Annabear06 September 12, 2019
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