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Katyann is a beautiful person that brings happiness to everyone she meets. Katyann is entertaining, funny, and always a blast to talk to. One who has befriended Katyann should thank the heavens for it. A wonderful girl who manages to be sweet to everyone. She’s cute, beautiful, and pretty and can make anyone feel great about themselves if she just smiles. People who meet Katyann will begin to care very much for her after they see her kindness, beauty, and overall coolness. Just about the best girl you'll ever meet. She also has amazing eyes. This word is used to describe someone who’s just plain incredible and terrific who also has beauty and kindness.
She's gorgeous, she must be a katyann.
by KayyDoubleeYouu. July 10, 2010
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The most perfect girl in the world. She’s funny, smart, beautiful, she’s amazing overall. She’ll give you butterflies every time you see her. If you’re lucky enough to make her your girlfriend never let her go. She’s something to keep. You need to treat her the way she deserves to be treated. The most amazing girl ever. She's absolutely gorgeous in every way. She may have problems, but she toughs her way through it. A girl that redefines everything you ever thought about females. A girl who can always make your day, One that always make you smile. One who every time you with you feel likes it the first time together. One you will never leave and never hurt. The one girl that you know you’re going to be with the rest of your life. An amazing person who will do anything to make her friends and others happy. She is sometimes annoying, but most of the time she’s laughing... at her own jokes with her annoying laugh. This is the type or person you want to be friends with. In conclusion a word meaning an absolutely amazing gorgeous person.
She's perfect she must be a katyann.
by KayyAreeEmm July 10, 2010
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A beautiful One-of-kind girl who is always able to make you smile. She's a good-hearted and fun person who would make anybody who knows her very lucky. In some cases, Katyann is a white girl who wishes she could be gangster, but everyone knows how white she is. She's a really good friend and if you ever meet a Katyann, make sure to stay close to her.
(girl 1)Why does she act like that? She's sooo white! 9girl 2)Isn't it obvious? She's Katyann..
by EmmBeeAyee. July 10, 2010
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