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Beautiful girl, has a good girl vibe but when it comes to her friends she will take risk and do anything to have fun, she loves and cares about her family and believes family and god come first no matter what, she's honest but will lie to keep someone she loves safe, she has a Bratty side to her and could be very annoying but people see the best in her she's an amazing girl and an amazing bestfriend who couldn't love her?
Karolin are you telling the truth?
by Legit_Aimee June 29, 2017
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A person who is extremely smart and witty, that is very good at dancing (specifically Irish dance). She can tends to occasionally storm off, but will cheer you up whenever you are down. Karolin will stick with you through thick and thin, and keep in mind even the craziest of ideas. She is over all a fantastic person, and an amazing friend
Thanks for being one of my closest friends Karolin!
by Barchiss June 10, 2017
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