Karmaloop is a multi-platformed web retailer specializing in global urban fashion and streetwear. The Karmaloop family of sites includes online retailer Karmaloop and Internet TV station KarmaloopTV.
Karmaloop has the best sales! I just got 20% off my order using Rep code: tentwelve.
by Eaze March 9, 2012
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Online streetwear clothing store based out of Boston, MA. They sell a large variety of streetwear labels for men and women from LRG to Rocksmith.
Dope! I just save 20% on Karmaloop with repcode HN15448!
by t.dot.o July 19, 2008
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the hottest urban clothing for men and women
i used repcode AN24457 to save 20% on karmaloop
by loscoches January 5, 2009
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Largest online clothing boutique in the world. Founded in Boston, MA.

You can save 20% on all their orders by entering repcode KA28543 at checkout.
by KidSymphony January 28, 2009
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The hottest online streetwear retailer. Ranges from L-R-G, Crooks and Castels, Vans to independant clothing brands like Bobby Fresh. Located in Boston, MA sells both men and women urban clothing.
I saved 20% on karmaloop clothing using repcode AN24457.
by loscoches January 3, 2009
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the hottest online retailer for urban clothing. the karmaloop discount can be used by entering AN24457 as repcode.
I saved 20% with the karmaloop discount by using repcode AN24457 at checkout
by loscoches@yahoo.com January 5, 2009
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20% off on urban clothing using repcode AN24457
i saved 20% on karmaloop using the karmaloop repcode AN24457
by loscoches January 3, 2009
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