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Character from the anime "osomatsu-san" he is known for his blue colored hoodie, painfully caring attitude and sexiness. His cool and painful personality makes him the least liked brother of the sextuplets. His biggest insecurity is being ignored. Because Karamatsu is the least liked brother between the brothers, he is popular with the viewers. Also a NEET
Why do you have a shirt with your face on it? You're turing into a karamatsu girl
by #1KARAMATSU GIRL August 19, 2016
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The best character in the hit anime, "Osomatsu-San."
He is the second oldest out of six brothers, who are sextuplets.
He is also the sexiest and has the best personality.
I love Karamatsu! I am such a Karamatsu Girl!!
by Serious Trash June 27, 2016
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A specific way of killing yourself. First, the person committing or even attempting suicide has to stand on a small bridge above a river (or a rock on the side of the river) and proceed to jump, or fall down head in (preffered). The person would hit a rock with their head and may die at that point but if not, they would go unconscious and roll down into the river. If they are still conscious, they may try to say (underwater) their last wishes (which may include the afterlife or wishes for aqcuintances), a poetic line they cherish, etc.
Karl did not like the way his family members treated him so he attempted karamatsu.
by otomeshiki June 11, 2016
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