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The Kangawallafox is a viscious nocturnal creature native to Australia, which is the result of the natural cross breeding between kangaroos, wallabys and foxes. Because of it's highly viscious nature it will eat it's relatives, kangaroos, wallabys and foxes as well as any other living organisms and occasionally car bodies. Often seen only for a split second, whilst hunting its prey, jumping out in front of cars often to try and devour them.

Waring this creature may appear cute & cuddly.
Jim: What happened to ya car mate?
Tom: Fuckin bloody Kangawallafox!
by Roy J November 06, 2006
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A vicious Australian animal that is a mix between a kangaroo, a wallaby and a fox. Normally rivals with Dingaroos. They normally come up short in battles
by Wetsocks29 November 21, 2019
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Thy Kangawallafox is a rare animal, usually found either in someone's ass or looking for an ass to jump into. When a Kangawallafox is found within the confines of someone's ass, it then invokes prison butt. Thus is it safe to assume that all male or female persons that wander the streets with a clenched ass, they have a serious case of Kangawallafox.
Friend 1 - "Damm that kids got some prison butt going on!"
Friend 2 - "I know he's definitely got a Kangawallafox up his ass!"
by thyshakespearienasschief March 11, 2019
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