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a wingman who takes a major hit for the team by taking the fugly, nasty and/or fat grenade.
Jeff is the greatest wingman of all time. He'll always offer to go on those suicide missions and kamikaze wingman for me with those heffalump bitches.
by brokedownman August 04, 2010
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A friend used as support while approaching potential partners who runs interference on your attempts to connect instead watching your back.
Tracy: I need the help of a kamikaze wingman like I need dysentery and a cardboard strainer.

Hepburn: If you pull a kamikaze wingman with this girl I will seriously fuck your day up.
by ReeseD January 14, 2011
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a friend who inadvertantly cockblocks you when hitting on women by failing to engage your target's friend, and instead aims for the very girl you are targeting. usually ends with you both leaving empty-handed.

can also describe any so-called wingman who actually makes your chances worse, rather than helps.

see also wingman, kamikaze.
"dude, she left because you weren't talking to her friend. instead you kept trying to one-up what i was saying to her!"

"her friend wasn't as hot as she was."

"yes, but it would have helped me out! you're such a kamikaze wingman!"
by lordspinky April 08, 2010
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