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She's is sometimes mistaken 4 being deferential, it's because her iron core tends to be masked by a disarming quiet exterior. She has an extraordinarily 'street-smartness' or at least an instinct 4 what makes people tick.
Kalijah you won state championship in Nevada?
Kalijah: yep 2016
kalijah loves her track & her family.
by Kalise4Life December 20, 2016
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Shes the hottest bitch ever born with a perfect body titties and booty. She's also known for breaking hearts. When guys see her walking down the street they get burned from her hotness. Their also intimidated to talk to her because she's so damn fine.
by IMTOSEXYFORYOU April 22, 2017
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A very sexy male that has a huge penis. Kalijah has a body to die for and a killer smile. Kalijah has all the girls. A real chill and "down to do whatever" type person.
Kalijah stays lit 24/7. He's friends with almost everyone but has a select few that he call his niggas or "dawgs".
by Anonymous­čśť January 08, 2017
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The sexiest girl you'll ever meet in your life. She has a badunkadunk and titties if ya know what I mean. She has a bomb pussy and just looking at her will give you the biggest boner you've ever gotten in your entire life. She has a bomb ass personality she may be shy at first but boy when you break that shell you'll be crushing on that sexy woman forever. You'll orgasm just thinking about kalijah. Her body is amazing and you wish you were kalijah. She is down to do whatever besides the dirty she's not that easy. But once she lets you through the doors damn it's like an angel is in your room. She's such a freak and is smart too. She's definitely a keeper but just be careful if you do one wrong thing you better run for your life
I saw this fine bitch at the mall today she was such a kalijah.
by IMTOSEXYFORYOU April 09, 2017
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