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A Latvian girls' name meaning beautiul white seabird. Typically girls with this name live in Latvia, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, or other European countries. Sometimes misspelled as kaya, meaning weed/the Bob Marley song.
That Latvian girl kaija has a tiger mouth and an exotic name, and she loves that song "Kaya"
by Kmf123456789 May 26, 2009
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1. A hybrid of a good study girl and crazy party girl. Worries about what people think of her, but really shouldn't since she's too cool to concern her self with that shit. Loves to get high and then read great literary masterpieces. Is extremely proficient at giving assholes the stink eye. Has a strange affinity for socks, things that start with the letter q, keychains and herbal tea.

2. A Swedish furniture store that is the knockoff version of IKEA. Only stocks unique, yet useless, household items that are surprisingly well-priced.

3. A strain of weed that makes the user want to examine the intricacies of Native American philosophy.
1. Guy 1: Hey, did you here what Kaija did this weekend?
Guy 2: Yeah, I heard she raged all Friday, then on Saturday she dropped acid and went to the Jane Eyre seminar.

2. Husband: Dammit, why can't we just go to Ikea instead of this place?
Wife: Because where else can I find an umbrella rack patterned with a Beatles collage and colorful rhinestones for
only 8.99?!

3. Stoner: Dude, I smoked some Kaija last night, man I was so high I talked with my roommate for 4 hours about the merits of oral tradition and the implications of the land as an extension of the human soul.
Cokehead: Thatsoundssoboringwhywouldyouwanttodothat?
Stoner: You disgust me.
by Lana Lee Summers December 12, 2010
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