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Kahu is a type of bird seen very rearly. If your name is kahu, you are very strong and competitive
Wow, look it's a kahu!

Other meaning
Kahu is my best friend cause he's strong!
by -a unknown māori bro May 07, 2017
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kahu is a fake backstabbing bish who thinks the whole revolves around her
wow did she backstab you?

oh she’s a kahu
by lollipopsryuck March 09, 2018
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A beautiful girl usually with dark hair and eyes. She looks after her friends and is very independent. No one can drag her down
“Hey, did you see that new girl?”
Yeah, her name is Kahu, she’s amazing.”
by Eden108 August 12, 2018
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Kahu is brave strong and is his own person he doesnt care what people say about him, kahu is most likely one of the most friendly people you can meet hes always dancing goofing around and is very attractive to the ladies, Hes very protective over his friends and family kahu can suprise you on things hes most likely a athlete and is nice put doesnt put up with people
girls: who are you ? kahu: im the new guy girls :your very fine
by kahu harper May 02, 2019
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