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A bad ass who Will fight anyone or do anything, has so much power and money and is never ashy. Even though people might make fun him or mess with him he will over raise everyone. A person name kadon is usaully handsome/cute and his very active, also could sing of rap and to sports such as track . A person name kadon usaully bag all the white bitches and is usaully a player but when he ready he'll set down for a white girl. A person name kadon usaully have alot of friends and is really cool. A person named kadon is usaully black and like being a nigga ninja
My name is (kadon woodard) or im a (kadon )
by kadon February 09, 2015
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He is a handsome person who everyone like. When he is sad everyone notices because he is normally really funny and amazing. He is athletic and smart and fun loving.
by Dakonz March 19, 2018
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