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Kadarious is a funny, smart, outspoken, spiritual, athletic guy who gives good advice. Sometimes his mouth gets him in trouble, but only because he is blunt and straight-up. Kadarious is the most perfect soulmate you could ever find. He will always try to keep a smile on your face, keep you safe, and make you feel like he really loves you because he really does. Kadarious doesn't condemn to society, but he lives outside of the box. Very peculiar! He will be one of the craziest people you will ever meet, and he will change your life forever. You will only meet 1 "KadariOus" in your life. He carries a posture. All young ladies like him, yet refrain from addressing it due to his life that stands out. He is respectful; not a "playboy". He is not liked by everyone, but he bares so many and their problems. He is not an emotional person, yet he weeps behind closed doors. Normally, they love blue, representing the sky, peaceful like them. He has high expectations that many can't meet.
Kadarious is an awesome individual who remains outspoken.
by candrews17 December 22, 2016
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