The only true way to end a conversation. Periods end sentences, but "ka-cha"s end discussions. Continuing a conversation after a "ka-cha" has been said is punishable by death in most states, as well as Cuba.
Girl 1: Grrrrl, you should see her prom dress - what a disaster!

Girl 2: Oh, girl, please. It can't be that bad.

Girl 1: It's the ugliest thing this side of Rosie O'Donnell! Ka-Cha!

Girl 2: *silence*
by Dylan Evans October 20, 2006
Cha-Ka: Someone who is being dumb, irritating, annoying, or who isn’t thinking straight. Also could be something that is dysfunctional or not useful or helpful in any way.
Simon you cha-ka! Stop being an idiot and come hang out.
by Bigbirdsgreatuncle October 16, 2020