Southern slang term: Someone significantly younger, notably under the age of 25 years old that you are dating or intimately involved with.
Song entitled "that's my Juvie" - by Magnolia Shorty
by Calliope Nola Red July 26, 2011
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short for juvinile. which means in my opinion a strict ass place with shity food and even shityer staff. huge metal doors and cold showers.
"hey i spent a year in juvi and didn't get ass raped i'm either really lucky or really ugly."
by ILL1 October 31, 2007
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When your having sex with someone or your going with someone. doesnt have to be your dude though.
Them hoes bet not mess with my juvie.
by Miss Benton May 09, 2010
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Referred to someone dating someone who is two or more years younger than you.
"Man i cant take my Juvie no where all because she is 15 and im 18, her parents wont let me"
by LaDonna February 24, 2005
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( Mainly Used In South Florida ) Meaning Soon To Be Girlfriend/Boyfriend .. Something To Call A Girl/Boy That You Want But They Playing Witcho Emotions
She My Lil Juvy .
by DSCJhit_ January 25, 2021
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Anyone under the age of 16, well known for their excessive drinking habits and promiscuous sex acts.
'man, lets go bang some juvies'
by behlr8 November 16, 2007
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