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To re-energize yourself before losing any initial energy or vigor you had beforehand. Energizing yourself (e.g. through coffee or Red Bull) once already tired would be rejuvenating, but doing so before the crash eliminates the "re" and is simply juvenating.
girl #1: Hey, you look excited today... did something happen?

girl #2: Well, I am excited for the concert I'm going to tonight plus I just finished a cappuccino double shot which has kept me juvenated.
by Mr. Nuts March 30, 2010
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JUVENATE is the ultimate term used in place of the word sleep. Juvenating is the act of sleeping for an extending period of time. A good to moderate Juvenation will last anywhere from 1 to 3 hrs. Anything over 3 hrs. is considered a Killah Juvenation. The beginning point of juvenation to the end ponint of juvenation can be described as a "Juve Session"
Shaina and Jen were tired from a long day so they decided to Juvenate.
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