An Irish cunt who swears constantly. The biggest weeb on the planet who sometimes forgets that whiteclaw cans already have holes she can drink from so she creates her own. She's at least 7 foot tall, possibly 8 foot.
Justaminx is my favourite streamer! I loved it when she stabbed her whiteclaw.
by minxisaweeb August 29, 2020
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ustaMinx is a 34 year old american youtuber, mostly known for being one of the most family friendly content creators and being the principal face of the anti-alcohol campaign in the whole internet. She has brown eyes and her height is about 4'8. It wouldnt be an extra fact that she has had about 69 romantic couples in her whole life, and apparently being "irish" according to the pride flag on the back of her room.

pls accept this it would be so funny i swear
Posers: isnt JustaMinx that weird bitch on LoH-
Me, a true fan: shut up, poser.
by ohhi_sharts.and.twerks June 24, 2021
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I have a choice between a justaminx or one of the nicest people I have honestly ever met
by Pogboi20 January 9, 2021
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