The first member to join the South Korean boyband Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ). he is known for his high notes, his dancing skills, and his ability to compose and arrange his own music.
he's considered to be "charismatic" and the "perfect prince," but is always bullied by the other members of the group.
"don't do this to me TT_TT... Xiah Junsu fighting!"
by mitsuki152 November 16, 2007
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Kim Junsu has an amazing voice, which is why he is the lead vocalist of the Korean group 2PM. His nicknames are Jun.K and Panda.

He is sweet, super talented, has a great sense of humor... and doesn't want others to think that he smells.

Junsu is not a stalker.
"Junsu's vocals are amazing!"
"Kim Bo Peep!"
by shinyleader January 17, 2010
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(DBSK). One of the five sex gods. If you look into his eyes, you'll be intoXIAHcated. One of the coolest men alive, but also one of the dorkiest men alive. He's renowned for creating genius phrases like "Oh My God Sun".

Is also known as Dolphin boy or Duck Butt.
Oh my god sun! It's Kim Junsu!!!

I am in intoXiahcated by Kim Junsu's voice.
by secretcassopeia January 6, 2011
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He’s my everything. He keeps me up at night, he keeps me in the shower longer daydreaming about him <3
Ugh, Junsu Na is adorable.
Omg, the way he plays his cello is just *chefs kiss*
by Rimmy<3 November 22, 2021
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