Everyone who’s born on this glorious day are superior. Their amazing people who put them selves above others but also take NO shit from others. They aren’t whiny crybabies, they will be the strongest people you’ll EVER meet. Also it’s national eat at a food truck day, so go treat yourself you sexy beast.
Me: today’s my birthday...it’s June 28th!!
Joe: Congrats happy birthday

Me: wait who even are you?
by yuhhhhohyuhhhh October 17, 2019
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national walk to your gfs house and give her cuddles day
yo it’s june 28th i needa give mah girl some cuddles!!
by weenie peenie baby 69420 June 28, 2021
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The competition; a day of competing; the day on which you compete.
The competition happens June 28th.
I could totally beat Elias in a footrace on June 28th.
by snegleg August 9, 2022
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June 28th is national slap a bitch named george day
PERSON 2: george ily bro but I gotta slap you it's June 28th 😔
by merfarti October 15, 2019
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June 28th is National Coming-Out Day. If you are in "The Closet" and you're ready to "Come-Out" June 28th is the best day to do it.
Me: Guess what today is, Mom?
Mom: What day is it?
Me: It's June 28th! Also know as National Coming-Out Day! Also, I'm transgender.
Mom: Oh! I exept you completely! Do you want me to go get you a binder?
Me: Sure! Thank you so much, Mom!
by plutos whore May 7, 2020
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Person 1: it's June 28th
Person 2: yeah it's a really cool day cos that's terrilees birthday
by I'm poggers September 8, 2021
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