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A rapper from Worcester, Massachussets. He is a lyrical genius and disses all mumble rappers. He is extremely underrated.
Joyner Lucas is the best lyrical rapper ever born!
by Over9563 January 2, 2018
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A slightly balding, chubby Afro American rapper who can smash a track like a pinata or Eat it like fries. He makes Logic scared shitless because of sheer talent.
Nigga 1: You going to Joyner Lucas concert tomorrow?
Nigga 2: Hell yeah, that shit be the bomb
by Cigo the god September 6, 2018
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"We already got Drake, we don't need another"
five seconds later
*copies Drake and Ty Dolla Sign

Hypocrite (Joyner Lucas)
by SomeoneOnTheInternett August 5, 2020
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The guy that says he built/assembled a team of sharks with lasers on their heads, or something like that.
What the fuck was that Joyner Lucas guy talking about? I didn't notice anything about them that made me think of sharks, but he keeps insisting that they are sharks, and who knows what he might do to try and impress you.
by Solid Mantis May 12, 2021
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