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A lesser, and more expendable, version of Josh.
Let's throw Josh2 through a window because he is less important that Josh1.
by Josh1 August 18, 2004
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A louder, drunker, more belligerent and obnoxious version of any existing current or original josh.
Let's hurry and leave before josh2 invites himself along.
by j loah August 09, 2004
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A basement dwelling creature known for it's inability to properly navigate stairs and it's distinct odor. It often makes odd sounds resembling speech from a loud, large, and quite obnoxious hole in what appears to be a large butt atop its portly frame.

It's best to throw bricks at the josh2, and run. If it approaches, ignore it. If it persists, insult it until it goes away.

see hecateh
OMG l00k it's teh josh2! LOLZ!!!1

by gregory August 10, 2004
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