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JUST totally AMAZING the best person youll ever meet xD you just got gotta love them they are so nice and funny, just dont run into them in the morning there will be hell to pay <3
ohh that jorgia she just amazing
by awesome xD ! April 20, 2011
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The most amazing nicest person you will ever meet. They will usually put others before herself. They are different in every single way. There name is even spelled different. They will do anything for love. They keep searching for that perfect guy , but all the guys they like are usually too popular for them so they look for a more different guy like them..
" Hey look at that girl she is tottaly Jorgia , she can really be a good friend."
by Guakemole May 17, 2013
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is just a totally osm person who everyone loves and wants to be friends with
jorgia is osm

oh i know right
by jorgiaisosm March 18, 2009
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