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"Jonascest," is the term used for fanfiction concerning members of the band, the Jonas Brothers, in homosexual relationships with each other.
As the members of the band are all brothers, these relationships are also incestuous.
The term, "Jonascest," comes from the combining of their last name, Jonas, with the word, "Incest."
The best Jonascest pairing is Joe/Nick. Though Joe/Kevin sometimes works. Better YET Joe/Nick/Kevin.
Further example-ness:
Joe kissed Nick roughly and pressed him against the cold shower tile. He couldn't wait for the hot, hardcore sex they would have later.
by ZooZoo Magee June 22, 2008
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Jonascest is a genre of fanfiction featuring the Jonas Brothers in which some facet of the brothers Kevin, Joe and Nick, are involved in an incestuous relationship. (For those of you who don't know, this means they're kissing each other, in love with each other, sodomizing each other, etc.)

There is no clear date for the start of Jonascest writing, however, the genre was made popular by the fanfiction author Havah Kinny (who is referred to by some as The Queen of Jonascest) on around the Winter of 2008. The genre spread like wildfire and now there are forums and boards dedicated to those who write and read fauxincestuous stories of the Disney brothers.

Other fanfiction authors, such as IAmDelilah have risen to high ground in the Jonascest world by broadening the already scandalous genre to include stories of male impregnation - perhaps a new genre should be started - Jonasemination?

Jonascest pairings:
Joick - Joe and Nick
Kevick - Kevin and Nick
Jovin - Joe and Kevin
Jovenick - Joe, Kevin and Nick (THREESOME! OMJ!)
JONASCEST EXAMPLE ONE: {Excerpt from Heartbreak and Tarot Cards by Havah Kinny}

“FOR THE LOVE OF GOD KEVIN!” Joe said shouting. “I REALLY, REALLY FANCY YOU!” he looked at Kevin, who was still sitting on the ground where he had fallen.

“So what, you’re British now?” Kevin asked.

“Kevin, did you hear what I said?” Joe asked, looking at him intensely. “I’m dead serious.”

“I know…” Kevin sighed. “I just, I don’t really know how to respond to something like that…”

JONASCEST EXAMPLE TWO: {Excerpt from Love is a Four Letter Lie by IAmDelilah - Kevin's POV}

"I love you," I whisper, leaning in to kiss him again. When I pull away I rest my forehead against his and add, "It's not just because you bought me the ring. Don't think that, ever." I sigh heavily, left hand to my chest. We're walking out through of the double doors of the restaurant, on the way to my car.

"What?" Joe asks softly, as if he's afraid to get an answer.

"My heart just won't stop,” I say once we're in the car. I'm not complaining, though. I think Joe knows that.

“Mine either,” Joe says.
by BaritoneAria September 08, 2009
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