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Being wasted beyond belief, punking everything that walks, trying to fight anyone even when you know you'll lose, over and over and over again.
(wake up in a boat of the Gulf of Mexico no matter where you're from) "Wow, I was so jonned last night!"
by Afro Jew April 24, 2010
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When you're laying there reading a novel, and a man comes up to you with an erection, forcing such erection in and out of your mouth in a thrusting-like motion.
I was winding down with a John Grisham novel and was Jonned halfway through chapter 9.
by 1800vagbags September 14, 2016
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Being high. The state of being high on marijuana.
"Man did you see peter last night he was all jonned up."

"I'm pretty jonned out right now."
by pulse.101 May 02, 2009
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