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Beautiful-ugly. Mainly applied to descriptions of women who are not classically beautiful, but whose features have beautify in an unconventional way. A classic reference would be Bette Davis; Charlotte Gainsbourg is a modern example.
The refined man scanned the women at the reception passing over the typical blond hair blue eyed pretty girls and affixed on the jolie-laide girl in the corner; her slightly too-large nose, diastema, and awkward gaze lent their own kind of subtle unique beauty.
by metro_mlv November 13, 2010
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The literal translation of jolie laide is "pretty ugly." Basically, a female gets coined the French term "jolie laide" if she is not conventionally pretty/lacks natural beauty, but takes good care of herself, her skin, her attire and her overall hygiene that she makes herself become beautiful. Some might even say that the flaws in jolie-laide women give them an "irresistible allure."
Gemma Ward can be considered jolie laide because of her "buggy" eyes.
by keepsayingwoohoo August 01, 2009
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