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Actress (1908-1989) who was nominated for a record ten Best Actress Oscars and is considered the second greatest actress of all time by the American Film Institute. She was known for being one of a kind, brutally honest, a distinctive, clipped style of acting and vocalizing, and for doing things her way. In fact, the her epitaph reads "She did it the hard way". At one point, she was the highest paid woman in the United States. She was known for being forceful, often overpowering her directors, and controlling her career; she became known as the "Fourth Warner Brother" because she, at times, would overpower and keep up with the famous Jack. She was also known for her eyes; the song "Bette Davis Eyes" was obviously written about her. She gave vibrant, courageous, incredible performances in such films as Of Human Bondage, Dangerous, Jezebel, Dark Victory, The Letter, Now, Voyager, The Little Foxes, Mr. Skeffington, The Star, All About Eve, and What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
Film Critic: "Bette Davis's performance in All About Eve (1950) is easily one of the all time greats!"
by J(Gay)Rod January 19, 2009
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