Lead singer in 70s british punk band the Sex Pistols. Kinda hot. Nickname from poor dental hygeine. Was also in band Pil (public image limited) but was not as good as the pistols!
Girl one: Johnny Rotten was hot!
Girl two: Huh? Who?
by KC_ANd_thE_anArCHIstS March 31, 2005
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John Lydon

Genious, Started something original until everyone jumped on the Sex Pistols bandwagon, and fucking ripped them off.

Shitty street punk is the result of people wanting to be them.
Way cooler then you.
by TheShocks. July 11, 2004
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The lead singer of the notorious '70s punk band The Sex Pistols. The name he was born with was John Lydon. The one and only time that they were on the Bill Grundy Show, Johnny Rotten swore about 8 times in 3 sentences. He was the one who introduced Sid Vicious to hair spray. He did NOT start the safety pin fad. Besides, safety pins are part of punk, so they weren't a fad. The punks were just so poor, that they used them to hold their clothes together. After the Sex Pistols broke up, Johnny Rotten started Public Image Ltd.
"God save the queen, she ain't a human being" God Save The Queen-Sex Pistols 1976
by Freak Face May 04, 2005
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Disturbingly hot lead singer for the Sex Pistols and Public Image Ltd. Wrote songs for the Sex Pistols (highlight: "Bodies", describing an abortion) and PiL. Also penned "No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs", an autobiographical work with two writers whose names I can't seem to remember.
Johnny Rotten is sexier than you.
by Lady Pain February 22, 2005
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The innovator of punk. Johnny is really a brilliant man who changed the world and we are lucky he's around! Also the sexiest rocker that ever has come around. Just like he said, he really was cheated by the English decadence that Malcom (Sex Pistols manager) established.
Johnny Rotten is my Gandhi, bitches.
by Mary Bushee July 12, 2005
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