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the act of a friend being too concerned with your text messages; i.e. who you're talking to, what they said, what you said
oh, joe is joeben again
by katebabe55 January 02, 2011
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A Joeben is possibly the GOAT of all men. Incredibly sexy, and gets thiccies with absolute ease. His personality is insane, he is charming, handsome, hilarious, and super unique. His unique name has everyone, who he meets, constantly bamboozled. There aren't many Joebens in the world so if you meet one, you must treasure that moment forever.
Betty: Im dating Thomas!!
Hottest Thiccie of all time: Ha, pfft.
Betty: What?!
Hottest Thiccie of all time: But are you dating a Joeben?
Betty: Shit got me there.
by ThiiicieMcGee May 10, 2018
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