a person who copies something exactly from another
by john March 28, 2004
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Old-fashioned prison slang for a dominant male homosexual "top," especially in his relationship with a submissive "bottom," aka punk.

Warden describing a prison killing: "Just two jockers fighting over a punk." IN COLD BLOOD, Truman Capote, 1966.

by al-in-chgo June 3, 2010
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someone who alway's want's to do what you do. a follower who tries to make your things their own.
she's a jocker ,all she wanna do is take credit for my stuff
by SCREAMchi-chi August 17, 2009
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A name used by scene and rocker chicks on Myspace to signify someone who is a prep/hater/pretty much anyone who insults on the whole scene/indie culture.
Reasons to add Fantasy Kids on Myspace:
.tons of layouts

Reasons not to add:
.You're a hater
.You're lame
.You're a jocker.
by heatherito June 4, 2007
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To imply that someone is on your jockstrap area, which in a literal way means that this person is sucking your dick. It however is more like someone doing, saying, or acting out things seen as fellating you or your ego in a figurative way. Jocking is a variation of ass kissing in the sense the person is doing things that indicate some form of personal or professional adoration, but jocking is typically sincere. It often leads to the mimicking of your behavior and emulating of your personality in the hopes of gaining your favor, attention, or affections.
Ever since you became famous you have a lot of jockers.

Get off my jock you jocker.

I wish these people had an opinion of their own instead of always jocking me.
by Shisho January 24, 2006
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I saw Dickie Rock on the tele last night. His head was in a jocker.
by Maidhcil Mac Fheorais September 16, 2007
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Jockers - People who tries to copy other people or do the things other people are trying to do. Derived from the work Jock.
Dude, what jockers.. they wanna do the same ish we are planning on doing.
by jimmyz June 24, 2005
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