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When a senior member of staff uses, words such as obviously usually many times to explain a job to an employee, which they have took on
and blatantly have no clue what they are talking about! Often used in conjunction with lots of mumbling

The employer using Jobberish attempts to bamboozle the employee with lots of information given very quickly whilst also using the word obviously.... lots of times to imply the employee is not quite getting the obvious and is somehow dimmer than the user of jobberish! for not being quick on the uptake!

Jobberish = jibberish whilst explaining a job
Employer: I need you to do this job for me..obviously it will need to be red and in a scale of (mumble) it will be made out of acrylic with (mumble) and obviously will need radius corners. Obviously i need this for (mumble) and the client will collect it on (mumble)

Employee: Your are talking utter jobberish!! please rephrase the above statement!!
by Faffwell Jones May 23, 2013
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a way of stating how obviously stupid a statement is that has just been made
bob"i like this booked because it cool"
Ted Replies "thats so jobberish bob!!!"
by Pioglioes October 16, 2006
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